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Congratulations! You’ve made it through another challenging nine weeks at MSMS! Be proud. What you’re doing will prepare you for all kinds of success moving forward. Getting through the first nine weeks also means that you’re closer to one of my favorite seasons.

Not winter. (I really don’t like cold weather.)

Not Christmas. (Christmas can be fun, though!)

The legislative season. Mississippi’s regular legislative session convenes January 4. Look into your crystal balls and tell me what bills will receive the most attention. Feel free to tell me as well which topics should receive the most attention.

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  1. Nicolas Neal says:

    Given that teacher salary and public funding are still prevalent topics of discussion in legislative environments, bills that fall under education will continue to receive the most attention. Mississippi Senate bills such as these include SB2267 and SB2149.

  2. Everett “CJ” Mason, Jr. says:

    With the current state of America and the two-party system ensuring that some large part of America will always be unsatisfied with those in charge, I feel that bills considering those issues will likely draw a lot of attention. Also, bills that deal with education and teacher pay will likely be considered a lot as well.

  3. Bill Arnoldus says:

    According to ‘https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/5376’ Senate Bill H.R.5376 has received the most attention as of Sunday, November 28 2021. The Senate Bill addresses education, labor, child care, health care, taxes, immigration and the environment.
    I don’t really care for politics so I can’t say what bill “should” receive the most attention.

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