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All Mod Con

Humans crave physical comfort just as much as the next species. Of course, no other species is so fully equipped to transform the environment. A quick walk around Columbus–or the MUW campus–confirms as much. Witness the stately antebellum homes with … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mississippi Cliches

The Netflix documentary series Last Chance U offers a behind-the-scenes look at the players, coaches, and staff members at the most successful junior college football team in Mississippi, the East Mississippi Lions. The show sugar coats nothing: players’ troubled pasts, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Between Rocks and Hard Places

Politicians are human, and therefore flawed. However, I’m not sure that any presidential election has forced voters into such uncomfortable corners. Before yesterday, no twentieth-century candidate, according to The Atlantic, has even joked about having his rival assassinated. Enter Donald … Continue reading Continue reading

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