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On Federalism and Sanctuary Cities

If you’ve wondered how sanctuary cities work–and how Pres. Trump’s recent executive orders may affect them–here’s a great breakdown from The Washington Post. The article begs some important questions, among them the degree to which federal law must supersede local … Continue reading Continue reading

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Arts in Mississippi

Legislators in both houses are currently considering a bill that would abolish the Mississippi Arts Commission and transfer its responsibilities to the Mississippi Development Authority. Sponsors of the bill see it as a way to streamline the relationship between Mississippi’s … Continue reading Continue reading

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An Argument Against Asylum

In a series of interviews with military commanders about the situation in Mosul and Aleppo, one unnamed British general suggested that letting people in foreign countries solve their own problems is the best course of action: “Ask yourself the question,” … Continue reading Continue reading

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State of the State

The Clarion-Ledger has coverage of Gov. Bryant’s address. I’m happy to report that nobody mentioned HB1523. Gov. Bryant reminded us that the state budget has grown $730 million since he took office five years ago. He also raised the possibility … Continue reading Continue reading

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More HB 1523 News

No wonder Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood didn’t want anything to do with an appeal of the federal injunction that prevented HB 1523 from becoming law. Both at home and abroad, critics seem incredulous that Gov. Phil Bryant’s attorneys have … Continue reading Continue reading

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And another thing. . .or two

If I’m worried about the future I see for education, I sense even more trepidation than optimism when it comes to the things I see outside the ivory tower. Here are some topics I’d like us to consider: Everyday usage: … Continue reading Continue reading

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Up and Running Again

Welcome back, fearless bloggeurs! I’m excited to be exited about the spring semester. I teach a goodly chunk of my favorite literature each spring–Chopin, Frost, Faulkner, O’Connor, Joyce, Williams–the list of beloved texts is almost embarrassingly long. My seniors might … Continue reading Continue reading

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