Welcome Back!

As we open the 2023-24 school year, I’d like to remind you that when it comes to the blog, the rules are the rules and the facts are the facts.

The rules: 1. Only MSMS students will be allowed to post. 2. Students earn up to 25% of the total number of quiz points each quarter by participating. 3. Students can only post twice in the last week of the quarter. 4. Participants must keep comments civil, but are encouraged to disagree when moved to do so.

The facts: 1. After students submit their first post, I’ll approve it; subsequent posts require no approval. 2. I encourage students to email me with suggestions for topics we should discuss on the blog. The comments space below is a great place to leave suggestions!

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6 Responses to Welcome Back!

  1. Andy Chen says:

    Looking forward to the topics for this year! One which I’d like to see a post on sometime this year is aging. I believe there is a great many relevant questions to be discussed:

    Is it ethical to seek out biological immortality (the ability to live a healthy adulthood as long as we wish)?
    Is cryopreservation something worth considering, even if it might never work?
    How should we manage the cost associated with an increasing aging world population?

    I, of course, have my own opinions on many of these, but I am incredibly curious as to others’ views on these topics I find so interesting.

  2. Ty Richards says:

    Good afternoon! I’m so glad to finally arrive at MSMS. So far, it’s been an interesting but extremely exciting experience. I can’t wait to learn more about different authors and new writing styles, mechanics, cell biology, and plenty more! I hope everyone has an amazing year. Remember to take breaks, drink water, and stay indoors while it is hot.

  3. Joy Barner says:

    I’m looking forward to this course! I hope to learn how I can improve my writing ability and dive deeper into new ideas and topics that pique my interest. A topic that I would like to explore the effects of generational trauma on our society. It has always been topic that has been skipped over when I have wanted to further discuss. I want to learn the ins and outs of how we as a community can address and correct the harmful traditions instilled in each generation.

  4. Kelvin Pool says:

    Ready for another Easterling sprinkled semester at MSMS. I’m so happy to have another opportunity to discover exciting classics and engaging prompts. There is no where I’d rather be than in Southern Writers 2nd period. Looking forward to blogs of all sorts and types of topics.

  5. Manpreet Singh says:

    I am ready and looking forward to this class. I hope that I can further improve my essay-writing skills. One topic that I am interested in is talking about how to stop poverty. Also, another topic that interests me is that I want to talk about culture and how it influences others.

  6. Ava Bodmer says:

    It’s so exciting to be at this brand new school with this school. I have been here for about a full nine weeks so I have had the go around. It was hard to get adjusted here at first but having classes such as yours to have a place to be creative and ask questions. Some places can be more stiff or not as open as others. I think everyone should have a chance to learn while having fun with controversial ideas. While doing all of those things we come up with friendly discussion. I hope I can improve my ability for group discussion and narrative essay writing for stories.

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