PSA: Blog Deadline

A quick reminder: the blog closes down before finals week. The last day to blog for credit will be May 14. I look forward to seeing your responses to posts before then.

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3 Responses to PSA: Blog Deadline

  1. Courtenay Sebastian says:

    Y’know, might as well leave a reply to this one, talking about how grateful this MSMS experience has been since having 3 different Easterling classes. Psst, if you are reading this and haven’t had an Easterling class, you are soooooo missing out. I’m just stating the facts. Dr.E you are an amazing teacher and it has been a pleasure being a student of yours!

  2. Maddie Flowers says:

    I don’t have anything to say other than I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. Thank you for pushing me to become a better writer. Also, thank you for reading GOOD books to the class :). I will have to agree with Courtenay, if you haven’t had an Easterling class, you are simply missing out.

  3. Nina Patel says:

    I had the great pleasure of taking University Composition with you, Dr. E. I loved the conversations we had in class and online. You have made me a better writer, and you also broaden my thinking abilities, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I will admit that I did not a fun time taking your quizzes or discussing literature, but you have been a fantastic teacher, and I hope to get to take more classes with you in the future.

    PS: I can’t wait to tell the new juniors that I took a class with the Dr. Easterling 🙂

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