And the Winners Are…

As you know, UComp sections get to select the topics they’ll study for their in-class essays at the end of the semester. The 10:00 section decided to study the ethics of gender affirmation surgery; the noon section will address capital punishment; the 2:00 section will examine assisted suicide.

If you find links to excellent articles about any of these subjects, please share them here. Thanks!

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  1. Bill Arnoldus says:

    Not an article but an interesting video discussing abortions in cases of fetal abnormality, assisted suicide, euthanasia, standard of substituted judgment, sacredness of life, importance of life quality, personal liberty and avoiding pain.

    Assisted Death & the Value of Life

  2. George Utz says:

    The following article is on assisted suicide from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The article discusses the moral permissibility of assisted suicide.

  3. Rushyendranath Reddy Nalamalapu says:

    To discuss a topic or politically charged issue, it is important to understand what exactly the nature of the topic is. For the instance of gender affirmation surgery, most people do not actually know what exactly is at play. This webpage can serve as a preliminary explanation of what this discussion entails.

    The previous page shows a few links about types of surgeries and procedures that are relevant to this topic. The page itself does not provide definitive explanations, but the terms are there to research.

  4. Gordon Welch says:

    Really informative article from NPR about the new legislation against gender affirmation surgery. Will bring politics and different views into discussion.

  5. Max Feng says:

    This article is from the U.S. Department of Justice and gives statistics about the death row sentences from 2020. The statistics will allow for a complete understanding of modern-day capital punishments.

  6. Jack Sisson says:

    Thought this Department of Justice website would be good, as it includes data about capital punishment statistics in 2019 and 2020. It also provides trends and updates in laws regarding capital punishment across different states.

  7. Gracyn Young says:

    For capital punishment, this website provides a strong argument against the death penalty with an interactive website, multiple links to other articles such as first-hand accounts and informational sites, and unbiased statistics.

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