Sports and high school

As you’re well aware, MSMS offers a limited number of interscholastic sports. From time to time, school leaders ponder the efficacy of offering intramural sports instead. Articles like this one from The Atlantic would seem to support that idea.

However, when MSMS students speak about the chance to compete against students from other schools, their comments are overwhelmingly favorable. And surprising. It has been years since MSMS teams have won a district crown in any team sport. Its facilities for soccer and field events are woefully inadequate–there are kids in the slums of Rio who have nicer soccer fields. Why do we bother? Shouldn’t we be putting more time and resources into the way we engage the world academically?

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  1. Maggie Ford says:

    I really enjoy the sports we have currently. I hate to say it, but maybe it’s not about winning. No sport has won a district title in years, but this does not mean the students do not enjoy playing. The existence of a tennis team was also a deciding factor for if I were to attend MSMS. I’m not a tennis star and playing tennis is not my main focus, but I really enjoy the sport: it’s fun. MSMS students could use a little more fun in their everyday schedules. Having official teams encourages more people to play and commit to the sport. Playing sports also helps get MSMS “out there.” I haven’t been to a single cross-country meet where someone hasn’t asked me what MSMS is. I may have encouraged someone to apply; the possibilities are endless.

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