Help me help myself

It’s February. The second semester is in full swing. So I must be worried about all things academic, right?

Not quite. The spring soccer season has also started, and if I have to hear the same pump music my kids have been listening to on the way to one more tournament, I may have to pull the minivan over and yank out the radio.

I gleefully await your suggestions. What new music will unleash their inner beasts?

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  1. Jax Dallas says:

    It’s super cheesy but before my soccer games as a kid I would listen to “Eye of the Tiger” by survivor. I don’t know if that would be more infuriating than your current situation but it can’t be that much worse. If that does not work then you can always play blues, at least they will be asleep rather than bothering you.

  2. Vivian Van says:

    For long car trips, my mom would put on Vietnamese songs, so naturally, I fell asleep. If you want your kids to be awake, however, I suggest that you play childhood songs that you enjoyed and just sing them out loud. Maybe your kids will be amused for the ride!

  3. Darby Meadows says:

    I listen to a very wide range of music. I find myself going from rap to musicals, but at my old school they always played “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor at pep rallies and the school dance team had a dance for it. I suggest you listen to the clean version. On the way to my soccer games I prefer to have headphones so that I can get in the zone and drown in the music, no matter what genre I am listening to.

  4. Dustin Dunaway says:

    To unleash their inner beast, simply play my mixtape. I have heard from many reputable sources that my mixtape is fire. With heavy influences from Fleetwood Mac, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift, my flow is unlike any other.

  5. Mary Lee says:

    I would suggest Dustin’s mixtape. I would also suggest getting them headphones so you don’t have to listen to it also.

  6. Frank says:

    When I am working out, I listen to music on Pandora that range from pop to rap. Some of my favorite workout songs are “We Own It” by 2 Chainz and “Go Hard or Go Home” by Iggy and Wiz Khalifa. If rap is not preferred, some recent top hits songs would be a great alternate. I guess the song genre would depend on what gets that person pumped.

    • Lewis says:

      I strongly agree with JJ. His music gets me “pumped” when I have to study for a test. “Go Hard or Go Home,” is something you should listen to if you want to go deaf.

  7. Bri Lancaster says:

    If you really want to spark their beasts into a fire, just play something they despise. Something like Classical or Old Techno. Or something completely off the wall. Note: I have nothing against Classical or Techno. I love Classical. Its just that most people find it boorish.

  8. Kate Shelton says:

    I like to listen to music that puts me in a good and positive mood before soccer games so I can maintain good sportsmanship and keep my head on straight. Some include “Roar”, “Radioactive”, and “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

  9. Jenny Nguyen says:

    Dr. E, I know I’m late in replying, but I like to listen to lively music when I workout. Some examples are “In the Air” (listen to the Ford Mustang remix 10/10) by Morgan Page, “Stronger” by Mt. Eden, “Walk This Way” by Mo, “I Will Be There” (Rebel Remix) by Odessa, “Hey Ya!” by OutKast, and “Something Big” by Shawn Mendes. Hope this helps!

  10. Laurel Yarborough says:

    Whenever I am running, working out, or preparing for a soccer game, I like to listen to any kind of music that matches my step whether it is fast (running) or slow (calming after games). I like to use Spotify to find playlists.

  11. Tyler Ellis says:

    Whenever I want a calming atmosphere I tend to listen to classic piano and violin pieces. A. Vivaldi’s “Summer” from Four Seasons is a dynamic and enthralling piece that gets me excited when I draw. “Moonlight Sonata” opus 27 #2 movement 3 is also an exciting piano piece to listen to. Sometimes I listen to old zen Japanese pieces with traditional instruments to get my mind off things. More modern artists like Toni Braxton are also enjoyable.

  12. noah hunt says:

    i find that the soothing sounds of pitch-shifted goat bleats can really get me pumped. try this on your kids for a guaranteed good time

  13. Maggie Ford says:

    Maybe try playing no music, and while you’re at it, you might be able to convince them not to play soccer at all. Then, you won’t have to spend your weeknights at a soccer complex eating whatever the concession stand is “cooking.”

  14. Tia Wilson says:

    When I want to get pumped, I listen to the Deadpool Soundtrack. Even the slow moments make me feel excited about life and very motivated for some reason. The soundtrack alone made me see the movie three times.

  15. Tehya Collier says:

    To get me pumped during a workout or event, I like to listen to songs with a lot of bass. So usually it’s Nicki Manji or songs from the Black Eyed Peas. If that doesn’t work for you, I think you should listen to music that gets you excited.

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