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Greetings, all! I hope the blog finds you energized and ready for the spring semester. Entertain me. Tell me the most ridiculous piece of advice you got during the break. If you prefer, take a moment to question something that previous generations seem to take for granted. I hope to make use of your anecdotes when the film class covers The Graduate in a couple of weeks, so respond quickly!

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  1. Tejus Kotikalapudi says:

    “Kids these days rely too much on medicine instead of letting their immune systems handle it” or something to that tune.

  2. Not A. Ravenclaw says:

    “When I was a kid, no one knew what global warming was. The media has filled your head with false stories.”- a gentleman at a dinner party that my parents were hosting.

  3. Jesse Tran says:

    “If you keep on drinking soda, then you are going to get taller and not be able to ride a school bus!” ~ A friend’s grandmother

  4. Trevor Allen says:

    “Don’t do your homework now, do it later when you’re stressed and you can get it done quicker.” – a fellow student

  5. Hailey says:

    The most ridiculous piece of advice:
    “If you are studying for a test, just write the notes on your eyelids.” – a college friend

  6. Conner Davis says:

    “just procrastinate, worst case scenario you pull an all nighter or two”

  7. Alexandra Magee says:

    “ take the money from student loans and invest it”
    “don’t go to an hbcu.”
    “colleges look at how rigorous your high school schedules are so maybe you should consider taking these courses.”


  8. Santayzia Anthony says:

    “Let the man decide everything. He’s the man of the house.”

  9. S G says:

    “Applying to more colleges is less stressful as you have more chances to get it!” – A family member who has no idea how 12 unfinished applications feel on the same due date.

  10. Gracie Rowland says:

    “If you’re feeling anxious just read the bible, you’ll feel better immediately” -an extended family member that I rarely talk to offering her unsolicited advice

  11. Bryonie Mandal says:

    “Don’t eat fruit after you shower” – another one of my relative’s forced advice that I must abide by 🙁

  12. Ayden Dusek says:

    On my quest for finding and figuring out how to pay for college, I got many pieces of advice from adults, some who didn’t even go to college. Something that some adults seem to not think about when I discuss my quest for a college is the funding required in order to do so. The problem for me hasn’t been whether or not I have been accepted to a college, but rather how I am going to pay for a college even with financial aid. Currently, my plan is to attend Mississippi State University. Their quote for what they will charge me is around $25,000 with a $5,000. I agree that some money is better than no money, but that still leaves me with $20,000 in debt. My estimated debt will be around $100,000 by the time I earn my bachelor’s degree. This is without graduate school. I guess I will just have to pay student loans for the rest of my life and never be able to truly live a stress-free life.

  13. Niyah Lockett says:

    As the child of an over-protective mom, I constantly head the same thing. “Put on something under that skirt. You’re gonna be sick going outside with bare legs in this weather.” To this day I still don’t understand how cold air makes you sick. In the words of one of my best friends, “Cute don’t get cold.”

  14. Josh Bates says:

    I’ve got two from the same person who is honestly really good at life advice, its just that pretty much all my life advice has come from her so that includes the bad ones. First was “Just tell yourself to be happy.” or “You have a good life, so you have no reason to be sad.” I feel like anyone my age has heard one of these and knows just how much they not only don’t help, but actually makes things worse. Wow, its almost like depression is a metal health concern due to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and not just a simple mind set. Those pieces of advice show a simple lack of understanding of what depression or depressive episodes actually are because they can invalidate they way that you feel and also make it seem as if the whole thing is your fault at the exact wrong time to be pointing fingers.
    Second is, “When you’re mad at your significant other, don’t talk about it, just go blow off steam and come back when you feel better.” This was given in the idea of coming back to talk about the problem later, yet as I saw for this person, that is not how it happened in practice. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail of how this is horrible advice and how it negatively effected a large part of my life, but let me just say: guess who’s parents no longer love each other.


  15. Ebenezer Scrooge says:

    “Due tomorrow = Do tomorrow”
    -Majority of senior class

  16. David says:

    I had a family member tell me at Christmas dinner that told me if I “stopped being so smart”, people would like me more. It might be the craziest thing I’ve heard from her, and she’s a Trump supporter. That says a lot.

  17. Piper says:

    ” Do not go outside with wet hair” – from my mother who still apparently believes if you go outside while your hair is wet you are bound to get sick.

  18. Ethan Hill says:

    “Make sure to apply to at least ten colleges so that you get a lot of scholarship money”
    -A close family member I’ll keep anonymous for his sake.

  19. Courtenay Sebastian says:

    Advice. Hm. I’ve learned over the years that people give AWFUL advice, no matter who you ask. It’ll never be quite the answer you want. Now, the worst piece of advice I’ve been given is typical, you should do this, not that type of advice. Like, you should do dance instead of golf. Golf is unladylike. I never thought that would come out of someone’s mouth to me. I’d taken 8 years of dance previous to that and found it really wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t that I wasn’t girly enough for it, it is just something that I never truly enjoyed. Golf, on the other hand, was something I could take pride in. There was nothing like the sound of a driver hitting the ball at a rapid speed and watching the ball fly off the driving range. I always take advice with a grain of salt.

  20. Courtenay Sebastian says:

    This is for Shakespeare

  21. Alisha Burch says:

    “If you die there isn’t anything I can do but be sad…I still get the money though”
    -my mother

  22. Tee says:

    This is pretty late, but the most ridiculous piece of advice that I received over the break is that, “If you shave off all of your hair, you won’t have to do it in the morning.” -Mom

  23. Andrew says:

    “When I was your age I had to walk 3249213 miles to school and 3802843 back
    -My father

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