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As you know, I sponsor the Film Club and teach the school’s film class. Give me some ideas–tell me your two favorite films in each of the categories below. Feel free to explain any of your choices.

Best Drama

Best Comedy

Best Thriller

Best Documentary

Favorite Classic Films

Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch

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  1. Richard Zheng says:

    I think the categories are outdated, or that I’m very bad at sorting movies; however, some movies that I think are worth re-watching are “Megamind”, “The Matrix”, and “Rush Hour”. Our generation (or maybe like just my peers specifically) grew up watching a lot of animated movies that I think are the “classics” of today. Although “Megamind” might be a controversial choice (perhaps I should’ve gone with Shrek), I really enjoyed “Megamind” with the whole twist on a classic hero story. With “The Matrix” being an actual classic movie, I just think it was a good story and Neo is hella cool. “Rush Hour” is also an old movie that shows two minorities as the main leads, and the movie is really funny so I really liked it.

  2. Kaylee Hall says:

    Best Drama: The Hate U Give and Four Good Days
    Best Comedy: Instant Family and Tammy
    Best Thriller: Unhinged and the show ‘Squid Game’
    Best Documentary: I haven’t really watched any documentaries worth mentioning, maybe the JonBenet Ramsey documentary, but I plan on watching the Lil Peep and the Brittney Spears one
    Favorite Classic Films: Dirty Dancing and The Breakfast Club
    Worst Films I’ve Ever Had To Watch: Ugly Dolls(the kid movie) and In the Heights, both had too much singing that didn’t sound good. (in my opinion ofcourse)

  3. Geethika Polepalli says:

    Best Drama: Parasite and Knives Out
    Best Comedy: Pitch Perfect and Ghostbusters
    Best Thriller: The Conjuring and Fear Street
    Best Documentary: Katy Perry: Part of Me and Blackpink: Light Up the Sky
    Favorite Classic Films: West Side Story and Cinderella
    Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch: The Jungle Book (animated version) and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

  4. Everett "CJ" Mason, Jr says:

    Best Drama: CREED and A Dog’s Purpose
    Best Comedy: Space Jam, Little Rascals, and Get Out
    Best Thriller: Baby Driver
    Best Documentary: Selma
    Favorite Classic Films: The Lion King and The Wiz
    Worst Film: The Emoji Movie

  5. Best Drama: Whiplash and Call Me by Your Name

    Best Comedy: Kumar and Harold Go to Amsterdam and Kumar and Harold Go to White Castle

    Best Thriller: Us and Frankenweenie (which is a thriller)

    Best Documentary: Blackfish and Oceans

    Favorite Classic Films: The Sound of Music and Gone with the Wind

    Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch: Top Gun and The Unborn

    • Maurisha Arnold says:

      Best Drama: Midsommar and The Breakfast Club
      Best Comedy: The Babysitter (it’s so bad it’s good) and Little Evil
      Best Thriller: Parasite and Get Out
      Best Documentary: Serengeti and Evil Genius
      Favorite Classic Films: West Side Story and Silence of the Lambs
      Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch: Horton Hears a Who (maybe it’s because I had to watch it over 50 times during one summer, or because the Lorax is 10x better, but this movie makes me shudder everytime I hear it mentioned) and Most Likely to Die (it brings shame to the horror film community)

  6. Willem Arnoldus says:

    Best Drama: The Irishman, Emma

    Best Comedy: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

    Best Thriller: Parasite, A Quiet Place

    Best Documentary: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, Free Solo

    Favorite Classic Films: Gone With The Wind, The Shining

    Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

  7. Laya Karavadi says:

    Best Drama

    Best Comedy: White Chicks, Central Intelligence

    Best Thriller: A Quiet Place, Parasite

    Best Documentary: Planet Earth, The Blue Planet

    Favorite Classic Films: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Rush Hour

    Worst Film – Kissing Booth 1-3

  8. Laya Karavadi says:

    Best Drama: A Silent Voice, A Greatest Showman

  9. Hong Zheng says:

    Best Classic Films: “The Note Book” and “Titanic”

    Best Documentary: “Blackfish” and “The World at War”

    Best Thriller: “Jaws” and “Parasite”

    Best Comedy: “Palm Springs” and “Shin-Chan”

    Best Drama: “True Beauty” and “Lord of the Ring”

    Worst Film: “Black Panther” because I was shown that a billion time in middle school.

  10. Brianna Moore says:

    Best Drama: Fight Club and The Green Mile
    Best Comedy: Step Brothers and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    Best Thriller: The Sixth Sense and Get Out
    Best Documentary: Night Stalker and Hotel Cecil
    Favorite Classic: The Lost Boys and Zathura
    Worst Film: Any Jaws movie after the first one and The Kissing Booth 2. Really any movies that should’ve stopped after the first one.

  11. Oliver Higginbotham says:

    Comedy: “The Master of Disguise” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”
    Thriller: “Signs” and “The Conjuring”
    Documentary: a dvd on Engineering (forgot name) and “Shark Week”
    Classic Film: “Star Trek”(all) and “Independence Day”(both)
    Drama: “High School Musical”
    Don’t really hate any, just dislike it if I watch it too many times in a certain time period
    I mainly like science fiction films and action movies.

    Others: “Shrek”, “Megamind”, “The Matrix”, “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, and all Marvel films

  12. Hilldana Tibebu says:

    Best Classic Film: “The Sandlot” and “The Princess Bride”
    Best Documentary: “The 13th” and “A Beautiful Planet”
    Best Drama: “The Lovely Bones” and “The Departed”
    Best Comedy: “Rush Hour” and “Jumanji”
    Best Thriller: “The Impossible” and “Green Zone”
    Worst Films: “American Me” and “Inside Out”

  13. Cali Orman says:

    Best Drama: I really liked the movie Overcomer because of its portrayal of the main characters struggles and growth.
    Best Comedy: I like the goosebumps movie series. Their choices for casting the movie always make me laugh.
    Best Thriller: I don’t really watch thrillers.
    Best Documentary: Animal Kingdom because I like to learn about animals and their habitats.
    Favorite Classic Films: Wizard of Oz because the story line is so cute and wholesome.
    Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch: Beetle Juice was the worst because it could not keep my attention and the plot was tragic.

  14. Sephora Poteau says:

    Best Drama: Parasite, and Juno
    Best Comedy: Megamind, Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie
    Best Thriller: Train to Busan, Orphan, The Devil All the Time
    Best Documentary: planet earth
    Favorite Classic Films: jojo rabbit
    Worst Films You’ve Ever Had to Watch: Parasyte (the live action), The anime was okay and thought provoking but when they turned it into a live action they attempted to fit everything into an 90min time slot and it was not done well

  15. Phoenix Wilson says:

    Best Comedy- Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Its on Netflix)
    Its comedic timing is one of the best in film despite its obvious budget constraints. I find myself laughing every time I watch it.

  16. Lexi Holdiness says:

    Best Drama- It’s not necessarily the best drama ever, but I think Marriage Story is a perfectly good honorable mention.
    Best Comedy- 22 Jump Street and White Chicks are two of the best comedies I’ve ever seen. I particularly like that in both of them the goal is to be funny instead of relay a larger message.
    Best Thriller- I think the best psychological thriller I’ve ever seen was a movie called Oculus. It’s an incredible horror and mind-torturing film.
    Best Documentary- I really enjoyed watching Seaspiracy on Netflix. It was one of the few documentaries that have made me cry.
    Favorite Film Classics- I’ve always enjoyed the Princess Bride, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, and Singing in the Rain. All of them give me this nostalgia feeling that modern movies can’t provide.
    Worst films- Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It was genuinely a waste of time and energy. It had literally no plot, no major turning point, and at absolutely no point was anyone at the edge of their seat. It was just annoying.

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