I’ve been swamped lately, and one of your peers, Naomi Simpson, has offered to help construct blogs that can stimulate productive argument. Kudos to Naomi! Here’s her first proffering:

On March 13th, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill to ban TikTok. While the concept of the app getting banned may seem like old news (since it’s been in contention in many different forms for nearly 2 years now), there’s something about the bill itself that’s very different. HR 231’s alleged primary application is to ban TikTok, but the bill itself bans the use all foreign-owned applications, or any app not owned by an American or American company. This raises two questions: should TikTok be banned? and are foreign-owned apps a threat to national security?

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5 Responses to Tik-Tok-BOOM

  1. Carter Scaggs says:

    I believe that foreign-owned apps being used by other countries to steal data is a likely occurrence, but I do not believe that banning all foreign apps is a good solution. First of all, these countries will find other ways of getting the data they want either by buying it from Zuckerburg (or some other Silicon Valley yuppie) or just hacking it. I believe that these things are actually happening anyway, but here we are talking about TikTok. Second of all, banning all non-American apps would discourage foreign online businesses from participating in online American market. Third, this could lead down a slippery slope towards banning all non-American websites, which could open a whole other bag of cats with censorship and media control. While I think that this bill should NOT be passed, I would not be opposed to a ban on TikTok mainly because of the growing worldwide brain rot it is contributing to. I am also tired of having to explain Gen Z slang to my parents.

  2. Andy Chen says:

    I would like to begin by saying thank you, Naomi!

    I have never used TikTok and despite my hypocritical distaste for the app (YouTube shorts are my poison of choice), I don’t think it should be banned. The rise of mindless short-form content has been a recent occurrence, but the niche it fills has existed since the origin of television. Education and regulation, in my eyes, remain the best solution to qualms about the “Tik-Tok-BOOM”. My views on foreign-owned apps are similar; banning all of them seems a gross overreaction. If we are open to trading physical goods and services with other nations, why prohibit digital goods and services?

  3. Gracyn Young says:

    I may be biased because I absolutely love Tiktok, but I truly believe that banning Tiktok would negatively affect the United States as a whole. There are so many people in the United States who rely on apps such as Tiktok for a source of income, and as we are probably all aware of the current state of the job market/economy, taking away a substantial income for many people would not only cause problems within the Tiktoker’s life, it could also negatively affect the economy even more. That may seem like a reach, and I have no background to necessarily “back it up,” but it’s the first thing that comes to mind when the ban is being discussed. I also think that banning Tiktok and other foreign apps could isolate the United States and like Andy Chen said, “a gross overreaction.”

  4. Kayla Williams says:

    I do not think banning TikTok and foreign-owned apps will have the positive outcome that some people expect. Users of these apps could still find a way to access them. In addition, telling citizens to only use American apps makes it seem like the United States is distrustful of every other nation. There are more pressing issues regarding America’s international affairs, and eliminating TikTok would not suddenly resolve them.

  5. Myia Williams says:

    I do not think that TikTok should be banned. TikTok may have some inappropriate posts and it may also influence people in a negative way, but it also is a teaching app that has helped many users. It has helped me with school, and other things that I may have not known. Also, it has kept me caught up with what’s going on in the world. So no, TikTok should not be banned. Banning TikTok and other foreign apps could possibly have a negative effect on the United States considering so many people rely on them.

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