Last week’s announcement that MSMS classes would be conducted remotely came as no surprise. Anybody who reads headlines could see it coming. Yet knowing a fact between the ears differs greatly from feeling its greater truths in your heart. That awareness became more profound when I thought about the pending retirement of Dr. Bill Odom from the biology department.

O and I share interests in many things: good coffee, which I have enjoyed stealing from him for 15 years; card games of all sorts; fishing; New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints; finding the best king cakes; playing ultimate frisbee; trying to think about things as students do; attempting to understand the implications of administrative and political decisions on the mission of the school; appreciating the need to have a safe space to vent. We’ll continue sharing these interests, of course. But it’ll be slightly less satisfying doing so over the phone instead of a cup of his coffee.

If you have an Odom anecdote you’d like to share, feel free to do so here. I’ll direct his attention to the page later on.

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4 Responses to “O”-revoir

  1. rel says:

    Coming from the coast, it was weird to go there and no one being obsessed with crawfish and excited for king cake. However, Dr.Odom had crawfish as his screensaver and gave out beads during mardi gras and so it felt a little more like home…he’s a cool guy

  2. Bryonie Mandal says:

    Doctor oh really help me throughout the years, he did not know me my junior year but his presence was enough to brighten everyone’s day. Weekly Wednesday door prizes were one of the highlights of my junior year. He also helped me with my science fair which I really appreciate and he gave me a lot of insight on how to do scientific work. it was really fun being in his class and I wish him all the best you will be very very missed especially by the seniors.

  3. Alden Wiygul says:

    Dr. Odom is genuinely one of the best people I have ever met. He makes everyone he teaches happier just by being himself. I remember the days where in bio class he would come in and put diagrams of fires or tornados up and start talking like that was what we were meant to be talking about instead. I also remember his giant paper hat that he wore in class. Every moment with Dr. O is so memorable, but those are definitely some of my favorites.

  4. Courtenay Sebastian says:

    O was one of my brother’s favorite teachers. My family still refers to him as Santa Claus. HAHA. But anyway, I really regret not being able to have Dr.O as my teacher. He was an awesome person and he will be missed.

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