Message to Parents

Congratulations! You have done something brave: you have allowed your child leave home two years early to enroll in a rigorous academic program. To ease your concerns about what your student is doing in the classroom, I will place each of my syllabi on this website once the semester begins. Please feel free to call or email me regarding my courses. I am happy to explain to you the goals, content, requirements, and methods of my classes. My office hours will be listed on each syllabus.

Each student receives these materials on the first day of class. You may find it useful to remind your student about due dates and examinations, but I have found that it is wise to give your student the greatest possible latitude to reach the goals of the course. MSMS does everything it can to offer students a supportive and caring environment. Faculty keep generous office hours, and better still, the students here enjoy learning from each other. Yet one of the most important gifts of an MSMS education lies in the way students learn to meet challenges on their own terms—a lesson better learned here than elsewhere. You might encourage your student to see me during office hours and evening tutorials whenever there are questions about what we are doing in the class. However, students are ultimately responsible for their own work, and are the ultimate benefactors of having accepted that responsibility.

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