Invoke the 25th Amendment

I had hoped today I would be able to blog about Democratic victories in Georgia. Instead, I am forced to reckon with the most un-American thing I have seen in my 51 years: armed protestors going to our nation’s capitol to disrupt the certification of the results of the electoral college.

The man who enabled this, President Donald Trump, should be removed from office under the auspices of Section IV of the 25th Amendment.

We will discuss all this in class tomorrow, but you can leave your initial observations here.

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6 Responses to Invoke the 25th Amendment

  1. Chloe Sharp says:

    Donald Trump not only enabled thousands of domestic terrorists to storm the capitol building, but he actively encouraged it. He encouraged extremely dangerous men and women, many of whom were armed, to put a stop to the democratic process that is this country’s foundation, all because he doesn’t want to give up his power. After they had done their damage, including (but certainly not limited to) breaking into the Capitol building by any means they found necessary, trashing the offices of US representatives, stealing from the Capitol building, and leaving threatening notes on the desks of various US representatives, he told these rioters to go home with “love and peace.” He called them patriots because they were willing to fight his uphill battle for him, while he sat idly by and watched the country fall apart. This man is not fit to be president. He doesn’t care about this country, all he cares about is himself, and what happens to him when he loses power. He has done enough damage to the country, we can’t allow him to cause any more. He is despicable, cowardly, and power-hungry, and he needs to get out of the Whitehouse before this situation gets worse.

  2. Annemarie Coatney says:

    A significant part of the President’s designated role in the functioning of the United States government is executing and enforcing laws. Despite the fact that the protests endangered lives and delayed a lawful democratic process, and thus are not supported by law, the President has yet to make any attempt to recognize his own responsibility for denouncing such wrongful actions. To make matters even worse, this protest came about as the result of the President’s own unreasonable and, frankly, ridiculous attempt at delaying a lawful democratic process by filing lawsuits and publicly refusing to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.

    Section IV of the 25th Amendment clarifies the process by which the President’s duties and responsibilities are transferred into the hands of the Vice President should the President become “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” and refuse to step down. It is the undefined nature of “unable” that makes this section difficult. However, in my opinion, a president who refuses to acknowledge responsibility for his actions (as has been the case many times in the last four years), utterly disrespects the sanctity of the democratic process that are pivotal to a functioning democratic government, and seems to revel in dividing people with his usually illogical statements and actions has clearly proved himself “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

  3. Cadi Springer says:

    I couldn’t agree with Chloe more. I think, quite honestly, that he has lost his mind if he thinks that he will be able to continue to pull these acts of treason against our country for his own personal agenda with no repercussions. He should be impeached and put in jail for his crimes against our country. As of posting this (I’m a bit late), he’s actively being banned from social platforms that he has been using to incite violence and unrest amongst his supporters. As I said in class, this “riot” was a joke! It did absolutely nothing for the American people. Many of these people didn’t even go to Trump’s rally prior to storming the Capital and if they did, they left in the middle of it. The president had already set the stage for this to happen. He didn’t need to speak hardly at all for these people to get so fired up about the election that was “stolen” from him. Not only has he been spreading misinformation and hate about Covid-19, foreign affairs, and the election, he’s been encouraging his supporters to “take action” about it. Instead of rationally requesting they talk to their representatives, he angered them so much that they wanted to kill them! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a person being so negligent in his position. He should never be able to run for a political position again and/or put in jail. We didn’t need a celebrity with no prior experience in politics before and he’s done nothing but prove that true since he was elected.

  4. Mackenzie Knighten says:

    January 6, 2021 is a day that will forever be embedded into my memory. I will not remember it because this is the first time in American history its own citizens tried to overthrow the government, instead I will remember that as a the day America’s true colors were as loud as it could be. I want to say I was surprised that violent white American protestors were able to walk into the nation’s capitol without so much as being shot by a police officer. Even as individuals are being identified for the crimes that were committed on that day, many are being let off or facing the lowest form of punishment. These people attacked the capitol, the building that is the epitome of democracy, and somehow still managed to escape any form of real punishment. That is what America really is and it will do anything to protect its people. Of course the mastermind behind it all is Donald Trump. The same man that has been inflicting fear and hatred for the past four years. The first impeachment should of been enough. He should of bee convicted the first time, but the government will never hurt its own. It’s sad to say that I do not even understand the point of there being a 25th Amendment to remove the president if its really being put to use. They are playing with the American people and I am sick of it. If he had been impeached the then, we wouldn’t be questioning his second impeachment now.

  5. Khushi Patel says:

    I agree, Donald Trump should have been removed from office immediately after this incident. He has constantly done much damage to this country over the four years he has been in office and will do anything to keep his power even if it means throwing his own supporters under the bus. The incident on January 6th will be an unforgettable memory and is a result of conspiracy theories, racism, and false information he has given his supporters. Rioters who attacked the capital, committed federal offense, and got away easily was a prime example of hypocritic government at its best. Just a couple of months ago the Black Lives Matter protests were violently disrupted by officials. To make the matter worse after all the chaos in the country, Trump did not even try to fix the situation. Instead, he encouraged it. He tore our country apart by letting all of this happened. There is no more unity among the people in this country. Even with the coronavirus situation, he did not take the actions and responsibility a president should have in such a serious situation. Overall, Trump only wants his power and has torn this country apart. He would do anything to maintain the power and he has proved that, MANY TIMES.

  6. Madison Flowers says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the other comments. Although Donald Trump was removed from office on January 20th, he should’ve been removed effective immediately that day. January 6th was an absolute embarrassment to our nation to say the very least. During the summer, Black Lives Matter protesters were ambushed by the National Guard at PEACEFUL protest. The way these people were able to break into the Capitol so easily with no consequence is a clear symbolization of white supremacy that has been looming America for centuries.

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