Gentle notice to bloggers

As we are approaching the end of the first quarter, I will shut the blog down on Tuesday of next week so I can assess levels of participation.

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7 Responses to Gentle notice to bloggers

  1. Raymond Z says:

    If I comment on this blog, does that count as extra credit :p

  2. Vera L. Taire says:

    I truly believe that commenting on this post should be extra credit for the following reasons:
    1) Commenting on this post shows you that we are regularly reading your blog
    2)Commenting on this post shows you that we are regularly acknowledging your blog.
    3) Commenting on this post shows you that we are committed to improving our grades in your class.
    4) Commenting on this post shows you that we have faith in your judgement and mercy.
    5) Commenting on this post gives you the opportunity to make a judgement and show mercy on your students.
    Come on EasterKing, support the populace striving for success.

  3. Gene Kloss says:

    darn. I want to do more extracredit.

  4. Brianna Ladnier says:

    Commenting on this should obviously be counted as extra credit due to the extra work performed in commenting. If students are adamant enough to check your blog and put in the effort to comment on even the most meaningless of posts, a reward is obvious. Just as Williams Carols Williams does in “The Wheelbarrow”, the students who commented have found a deeper meaning in something that is obviously extremely shallow. Such as this representing the ever living cycle of due dates that are converted in numerical values that measure our value that are constantly traveling with us through life as either an accomplishment or emotional baggage. Obviously, the students who can interpret this shallow prompt in a manner that William Carols Williams does, deserves extra credit.

  5. Kendall Wells says:

    Getting extra credit points for commenting on this post could possibly be the difference of one’s nine weeks letter grade. Personally, this post could bring my grade up from a “C’ to a “B” in your class. Please and thank you!

  6. Kendall Wells says:

    I miss your class and making snarky comments @you -Shivani

  7. Shuchi Patel says:

    I really need extra credit, so here is another response to your post. My day is going pretty great. My grades are going up. However, I am scrambling to finish answering these posts in the 14 minutes I have left.

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