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That’s a Wrap

The blog will close for the summer at 4:00 tomorrow. Seniors, you may use the space below to share final words of wisdom with your juniors. Juniors, you now have the opportunity to make predictions for next year.

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Looking to 2026

This weekend we will greet members of MSMS’ Class of 2026 during New Student Orientation. Help them out! What constructive advice would you give them regarding classes to take? Extra-curricular opportunities they shouldn’t miss? Choosing a roommate?

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At Long Last, the Blog is Back…

…and we have plenty to talk about. The easiest item to discuss involves Mississippi SB 2715, which would authorize the move of MSMS to MSU and give MDE power to have MSMS “collaborate” with the Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District … Continue reading

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My Tank is Empty Blog

It has been two weeks since I last posted. Several of you have asked for new opportunities to blog, but I’m drawing blanks. I have no idea what y’all are willing to argue about right now. Leave me some ideas–ideas … Continue reading

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The Thrill of Victory

As the father of a Division I football player, I know how much time it takes student-athletes to prepare their bodies to excel at the sports they play. Strength and conditioning, practice, and film review take at least 20 hours … Continue reading

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Welcome Back!

As we open the 2023-24 school year, I’d like to remind you that when it comes to the blog, the rules are the rules and the facts are the facts. The rules: 1. Only MSMS students will be allowed to … Continue reading

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A Post-GPA Generation

As you probably know, our Executive Director, Dr. Cook, has talked about developing a new curriculum–he has dubbed it “MSMS 2.0”– over the next couple of years. We’ve begun thinking about how requirements for Carnegie units might change. What would … Continue reading

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Painful Questions

My youngest child graduates from high school on May 12–fifteen days before the MSMS graduation. He hasn’t had to be on campus for an afternoon class all semester. When finals roll around, he won’t have to take a final for … Continue reading

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Sleep on It

As we approach midterms, it’s increasingly likely that I’ll hear statements like these in halls and classrooms: I can’t believe how late I stayed up studying last night. The whole suite was up studying. I’ve got more than 600 milligrams … Continue reading

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Windows to the Soul

In poker, a “tell” is a change in demeanor or posture that offers insight into the kind of hand a player has. If Morgan’s eyebrow twitches at the sight of a pocket pair, it’s a tell. Writers look for something … Continue reading

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