And the Winner Was/Will Be?

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley and Gov. Tate Reeves squared off in a debate last night. I know most of you aren’t yet old enough to vote, but I encourage you to watch it. Who won the debate? Which candidate will win next Tuesday?

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5 Responses to And the Winner Was/Will Be?

  1. Kelvin says:

    I personally feel that for Mississippi Tate Reeves won, but Presley seemed to be the better fit. Both politicians put up a great, but at times childish, fight. Tate Reeves will definitely win this election, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

  2. Carter Scaggs says:

    Tate Reeves has now won the race. It came down closer than I thought it would, which surprised me. With former-president Trump endorsing Reeves, I thought he would have a much better chance of winning than Presley. Despite some of Presley’s being considered conservative, I think that him running as a Democrat already unattracted many of the Republican voters in Mississippi. However, even if Presley was a Republican, Reeves still was Trump-endorsed, which probably trumps (pun intended) any other Mississippi Republican. I believe this because I personally know a lot of Mississippians who supported Donald Trump’s presidency.

  3. Colt Sorey says:

    Now that the election has finished, it has been confirmed that Tate Reeves will remain in office. Even if I were old enough to vote this would have been an election I wasn’t comfortable voting in. Tate Reeves has proved throughout this campaign that he is childish and took direct shots at Brandon Presley, while Presley did the same thing back toward Reeves, just not as much. I personally feel that this wasn’t an election that would have been great for the state either way it went.

  4. Aliyiah Richey says:

    Since the debate is over now, I feel as if a majority of people have been somewhat, entranced once again. By the promises of the meek government and storytellings of what can be fixed, what will remain upheld and in place.
    I feel as if certain voters at this point in time where people are just voting for the person with the least BAD attributes, while others are simply just voting for a red or blue color just because they’re under the hallucination that if the party in their favor wins, they can continue with their whimsical acts with the knowledge to feel somewhat relatable to the person in power. Though I feel as if it hasn’t always been like this, people used to try to go for the most loving person, but now it’s just ”Who do I think can do the least bad.”
    I also feel that some parties win in certain areas because a certain majority of people are ignited to vote, if they put more time and resources into creating an environment that would teach all people about the importance of voting, the results would for sure be so much different. Education on voting and the political parties need to be obtained and maintained for the future generation. For the common good of a fair race, instead of pushing an agenda and political party onto our younger generation. Allow them to choose for themselves, what they decide is fundamental to them.
    simply allowing this freedom will encourage so much more engagement in voting
    Of course, I’m not a voter, Though I will be next year by the time of the election; which I can say for now my vote will be cast to the person who I’m certain will hurt America the least. Not to critique anything about the voting process or to defame anything about any politician.
    It’s just my vague simple opinion.

  5. Darshi says:

    We all now know that Tate Reeves has won, but not by very many votes. I was not surprised that Tate Reeves won but throughout the election, both of the candidates were very childish in how they campaigned. Brandon Presley also put up a good fight, but his odds were not in his favor.

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